Cosplay Photography Contest Rules

Saboten Con’s Cosplay Photography Contest is returning! The contest will be for cosplayers who enjoy showing off their costumes in the form of photographs, enjoy acting out the characters that they are portraying in the form of photographs or for photographers who enjoy capturing images of cosplayers.

The photographs will be entered before the start of the convention. A panel of judges will choose between 3 to 6 of the best photographs of each division and those photographs will be judged during the convention by convention attendees. Winners will be announced during the halftime show at the Masquerade. Awards will be given to the photographer and to the cosplayers portrayed in the winning photograph(s).


  1. All contestants must be attendees of Saboten Con 2019.
  2. This year we will have two categories: Amateur and Professional Amateur Division: Photographers who do not get commissioned for their photography work. Professional Division: Photographers who get commissioned for their photography work.
  3. Photographers work must remain anonymous to allow fairness during the voting process. Do not add any watermarks, etc. to the photographs being entered. No entries shall be posted on any social media platforms to ask for votes, etc. If the work does not remain anonymous, it will be disqualified from the Cosplay Photography Contest.
  4. The contestant(s) will be the photographer of the picture and the cosplayers featured in the photo(s).
  5. Each photographer can enter a total of 2 photographs.
  6. Photographs must be in the form of a JPEG and the file(s) must not be any larger than 2 MB.
  7. Only minor photoshopping is allowed. Touching up minor blemishes in the photograph will be allowed. Photoshopping in an entire new background will not be allowed.
  8. Cosplays portrayed in the photographs must consist of anime, manga, J-Rock/Pop, Japanese live action and/or video games characters.
  9. Registration for the Cosplay Photography Contest will only be accepted before or by August 26, 2019. Sign-ups will not be accepted after that time and there will not be on-site registration.
  10. Cosplays can either be hand made or purchased.
  11. Photographs can either feature the contestant or can feature models modeling cosplays for the photographer.
  12. Photographs entered in this contest cannot have been previously entered in any other Cosplay Photography Contest.

Registration Form

Registration Forms will need to be submitted by August 26, 2019. Please submit Registration Form and photograph(s) to

  • Photographer(s) Name(s):
  • Division: Amateur or Professional
  • Cosplayer(s) Name(s):
  • Photographer(s) Email(s):
  • Cosplayer(s) Email(s):
  • Age(s):
  • Number of Photographs to be entered:
  • Title of Photograph(s):
  • Attach photograph(s) to Email