A brand-new event is coming to Saboten Con! The Cosplay Gala is a formal-themed ball. Our first year's theme will be Heroes and Villains. Come dressed to the nines in whatever way you want to fit the theme: be a character in formal wear, make an outfit based on them, or even just be inspired by knig...
Monkey Paw Entertainment is expanding all events this year and we want you to help make our events fun and enjoyable for everyone. If you are interested in helping with any of our events, please fill out this form and we will be in contact as we start to fill out our teams.
Specializing in falsetto-based chorus arrangements, he has participated as a chorus singer in many soundtracks for dramas, movies, and news programs.
Have you ever wanted to be a guest at Saboten Con with your panelist group? This year we are opening up a new section in our guest area for panelist groups. To be accepted you need to provide 2-3 panels daily as well as making them unique to Saboten Con, we will also need you to promote your panel...
Ayakashi no Kiko debuted in both Japan and Taiwan in 2019. Following that, the group performed in several large-scale music festivals in both countries. 
Tokyo Psychopath is made up of four members who were chosen in an audition to create “the craziest punk idols” and “Reiwa punk icons.” These members are Chaos Zoldick, Hakua Gozen, Jorou Gumo, and Oni@Gunso. With their tattoos, smoking, piercings, flashy hair, and original and strong fashion sense, ...
Saboten has expanded this year and we now have two hotels to book your stay at the convention. Make sure to check out both of them and figure out which one will work best for your stay at the show. If your main plan at Saboten is going to gaming or main events for concerts and large events, you ma...
Kohei is an IFA United Nations international ambassador singer (Commanded by United Nations) who performs at Anime conventions, Japanese festivals, and Asian festivals in the US.
We are so excited to announce our 15-year anniversary of Saboten Con and we hope you come and help us celebrate being one of the largest Anime and Gaming Conventions in the southwest.
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Saboten Con 2023
9/1 - 9/4, 2023
Sheraton Phoenix Downtown
340 N 3rd Street
Phoenix AZ 85004