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Another Anime Fighter!!!
09/05/2021 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Maryvale A (Gaming)

Why does every anime videogame feel the like the same game retextured. Is their any originality put into our favorite anime games? What can be done? Well we could complain about it, and share our own wild ideas! We will be discussing the trend of anime games and how they could be done better!

Additional Panelists:
  • Roy (justroy):I'm just a dude who watches anime and makes fun of it for a living
  • Morgan Fisher:Art, comics, and games collector. Fishtakes on Twitter and Fishtakesreviews on Instagram!
  • spindash77:Gamer, content creator and overall geek. Real name Blayze but goes by spindash77 on social media (or spindash777 on Twitch). Super huge Sonic, Nintendo and DC fan but, lover of all geekdom truly.