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Beginner’s D&D One-shot Design: Shut Up and Enter My Dungeon
09/03/2022 2:30 PM - 3:30 PM
Maryvale A

Hey there! Do you like Dungeons and/or Dragons? No? Well, keep reading anyways, please?

Are you a game master struggling to get players to come to your games? Do your friends value their “careers” and “families” over blatant fantasy escapism? Maybe you’re a player who wants to try their hand at running a game, but making a whole campaign seems too intimidating. Or maybe you just listened to a few episodes of The Adventure Zone and now you want to try group therapy roleplaying with your friends. 

Well, why not try making a One-shot? A one-shot adventure/campaign is a condensed adventure that can be run in 4-6 hours. We’ll go over how to craft your very own one-shot adventure, along with tips on how to get your players hooked (put your phones away ffs) and keep the story moving at a consistent pace. With the power of one-shot creation, your friends will have to come up with a whole bunch of weird new excuses to not hang out with you!